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Monday, April 26, 2010

Knox short 5 view

I've labeled this the Knox short because I found that when I use some of the most common Knox drawings as reference I found that the top and side view made it so that the bottom lip of the disc would be removed from the aft area. I also made some adjustments to allow for a deeper shuttle bay on the bottom side of the hull. finally the top view is still showing distortion after I convert it to PDF. It looks like I will probably have to redraw that section to fix that issue.

Knox Short 5 View
Miranda Aft Keel 2

Monday, April 19, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

Tool kits

AS you can see below I have figured out how to post PDFs on the blog. All of the new kits will be published in PDF. There are a lot of advantages to using PDFs as a medium. The First it is very easy for me to convert from the original format. I was converting these to PDF and then coping the pics over to a jpeg format. The next advantage is the PDF files are tiny compared to the jpegs. Even with such a small file you can zoom in and get some great detail. The PDF also keeps the same scale.
The new drawings will be in a 1/1000 scale(There is a setting in the new program that allows me set scale{1 cm=10 M}). The first drawing is the Enterprise A and it will be 30.5 cm. I will do my best to provide 5 views of all visible parts.
The drawings will be best viewed by the latest version of adobe acrobat. You will be able to copy the individual part by opening the tool tab in acrobat, highlight the 'select and zoom' option and choose the 'snapshot tool'. The snapshot tool allows you to surround the parts with a blue box, then you can press "ctrl C" or right click to copy. The more you zoom in the more detail you will be able to capture. If you copy parts at 400% magnification then you need to copy the other parts at 400%mag. otherwise your parts will be out of scale with each other.

In the immediate future I will be working on the Miranda hull (3 sizes), 2 versions of the Belknap secondary hull, and a Federation Class secondary hull.
Subject wise I hope to cover TOS, NUtrek, Excelsior era, and TNG era in the future.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010