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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Huttzel class

I labeled this one the Hutzel from a reference by Doug Drexler. The registry is arbitrary.

Hutzel 5 View

Curry class starship.

Once I finished the parts kit. I could not help but make a quick kit bash with it. I scaled up the Enterprise parts to 1/529 then copied them over to the 1/1000 Excelsior parts to match the models that were created for the show.
Curry 5 View

Excelsior MKII plus parts

This should be the the final for the Excelsior MKII class. Work will begin on the MKIII very soon.
EXCELSIOR MKII 5 View Plus Parts

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Excelsior preview

There is still some detail work on this ship left to be done but I wanted to post something before the end of the weekend. The Enterprise B secondary will take another week and a half to complete. Once the details are finished on the secondary hull are finished. I'll post the parts kit for this ship. The Excelsior variants should be easy after that.

Excelsior Preview